Closed-ended, or restricted-choice, questions offer respondents a fixed set of choices to select from.

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. A Florida teacher under a state investigation for showing a Disney movie featuring a gay character said she wasn’t aware the state’s controversial law banning instruction about certain LGBTQ.

Open questions generate discussion and get someone to open up and talk about a situation.

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Closed questions usually limit conversations by asking for a brief and specific answer. . A closed question reduces the range of possible answers to a select handful, which may be difficult to do when the range of answers or options is large.

Feb 3, 2023 · An open-ended question is one where the respondent can provide a detailed answer that can fully address various elements of the question.

There are two types of questions: open and closed. There are two types of questions: open and closed. .

. These questions draw out different kinds of responses that can be useful for a therapist.

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Some possible situations that call for open-ended questions are a first date, a job interview, an essay-response test, or intimate conversation with someone. .

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Closed questions can clarify information quickly and concisely and focus the speaker on the relevant facts and issues. Open and Closed Questions. May 10, 2021 · Here’s how to build an open-ended question ethos in your company and close more deals. . .

These are two types of questions you can use.

All the examples are open-ended, thought-provoking and positive in nature. Think of it this way; open-ended questions are for gathering insights rather than just answers.

Electricity and natural gas prices leapt by 40.

Close-ended questions are limiting and expect a specific answer.


Asking too many “why” questions.

Closed-ended questions, on the other hand, provide quantitative data; limited insight but easy to analyze and compile into reports.